Shirley is a quaint, residential town located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. It is just 50 miles away from Boston and neighbors New Hampshire. It is a beautiful place to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city but close enough to have public transportation available through commuter rail access. 

C&L Air Limo is proud to provide our expert and reliable airport shuttle transportation services to Manchester and Logan Airports for all Shirley residents. 

Airport Shuttle Transportation Services in Shirley, MA

The drivers at C&L Air Limo have been providing safe, timely, and dependable airport transportation services to Shirley residents for over thirty years. Our drivers are fully licensed and meet all state and federal requirements to ensure your safety. Our drivers are proudly equipped with medical physicals, TSA badges, and Department of Transportation cards. You can always trust that we will be prompt and timely for both departure and pick-up services. We consistently monitor your outgoing and incoming flights so we are aware of any delays in order to make arrangements accordingly. The safety of our passengers has been our priority since we started our family-owned and operated business back in 1986. 

Private Airport Shuttle Transportation Services in Shirley, MA

C&L Air Limo is happy to provide private airport shuttle transportation services to all who request. Whether you are a solo traveler or traveling with a large group, you can choose our private shuttle option. We take all health and safety concerns seriously and our goal is always to provide safe, dependable, timely service. 

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C&L Air Limo has proudly provided our expert airport shuttle transportation services to Shirley residents for over three decades! Being a family-owned and operated business since our beginning sets C&L Air Limo’s service apart from our competitors. Our drivers are continuously kid, professional, and prompt and provide incredible airport transportation services. 

If you are flying out of or into Logan or Manchester Airports from your home in Shirley and need reliable transportation services, be sure to contact C&L Air Limo today! Please make sure to book your ride with us at least two weeks before your departure. Give us a call today or book your reservation online