Whether it’s your first time flying or a regular flier, one thing we can all agree on is that missing flights can be frustrating. 


With the increased number of check-ins and security lines in airports, there is a chance that you may miss a flight or get boarding at the last minute. You don’t need to book a nearby hotel to guarantee you stay ahead of your flight schedule.


However, some steps can be taken to ensure you stay ahead of your flight schedule.  


Below, we have provided some of these steps to help you arrive on time at the airport.



Ensure you finish packing early to prevent the risk of forgetting that favorite jacket or those critical documents. It also gives you the time to think through and remember other things you put in place before traveling. 

Here are some tips while packing;

  • Ensure to keep IDs at easily accessible areas of the luggage 
  • Pack as light as possible
  •  Finish early so there can be time for a good night’s rest 



Where possible, try as much as possible to check in online. This helps you escape long queues at the airport. If you can’t check-in online, try using check-in kiosks available at the airport. 


Note: you should print your boarding pass way ahead of time.



Hiring a driver to pick you up at a designated time also enables flight punctuality. With it being preplanned, it helps you to prepare well ahead of time and puts one ahead of schedule in getting early to the airport, 


The impact of having someone knock on your door gets you up and moving.



For those driving themselves to the airport, it’s advisable to know the options available to you and plan well ahead. It would help if you;

  • calculate the financial implications of the parking spaces.
  • Book parking spaces online to help with your ease of movement.
  • You’ll also need to plan for further transportation to the airport if the parking space is offsite.



If you are traveling later in the day or evening, try as much as possible to make the time ahead as free as possible. It’s always tempting to cram as many activities as possible into the time before traveling. Doing such can make one quickly lose track of time and end up missing your flight.



  • Wear clothes you can easily come out from and easy-to-pull footwear. 


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