Being stuck in traffic for hours that seem like forever is a pain. But being in a long-haul flight is an entirely different realm of pain. People spend nearly an entire day being stuck in the air, cruising for hours, and their body is mostly confused about what time of the day it is. Most of us may love traveling (because who doesn’t?), but long-haul flights are just impossible to love. Want some tips on how to survive this hateful endeavor? Read more below!

1. Comfortable outfit

The “fashion over comfort” rule is exempted from a long-haul flight. Toss the skinny jeans and tight-fitting shirts in your luggage and slide into those jogger pants and loose fittings shirts. You would want to get into the most comfortable outfit for your 15+ hours of travel time as you will be seated in a tight seat with very limited space unless you are one of the lucky ones in the first class.

2. Travel Essentials

As much as we love children, hearing them scream and cry for 15+ hours straight is just a different kind of torture. Invest in a good pair of earplugs that won’t come off as you nod off to dreamland. Speaking of nodding off, why not take that next step and invest to a memory foam neck pillow to make sure you will be somewhat comfortable in that long-haul flight.

3. Limit Personal Items

Hate to break it to you but a plane has very limited space. You want to make that space as efficiently as possible which means try not to bring big carry-ons. Granted that you can put them in the bin, some personal items sometimes are not small enough for the bins and you know where they go? That’s right, that space meant for your legs.

4. Love your Neighbor

We’re all stuck in this long-haul flight together. So, might as well be good friends with your neighbor, right? Be patient with them as they would need to excuse themselves to use the lavatories or get something from the personal items.

5. Plan ahead!

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Buy your tickets in advance so you’ll have time to prepare for other things such as, your ride to and from the airport, or preparing your luggage, or maybe do some extra work before you leave. Additional time may always come in handy! C&L Air Limo in Massachusetts offers a shuttle ride to and from the airport at an affordable price! Our drivers are all highly-trained and with the necessary certifications. Book now and experience service like no other!