Whether you fly often for business or vacation, or it has been a few months or years since you have boarded a plane, we could all benefit from some advice. Having the right plan from the get-go can iron out any of the kinks during your travel day. Travel days can be especially stressful, and when things go wrong, it can make things pretty bad. So in this article, we will share some key advice on how to make your travel day easier. 

Choose The Right Flights For You & Your Family

Going a long distance? Consider flying overnight. An overnight flight can be great for making those 4-8 hour long flights go by quickly. Sleeping on a plane can quickly get you through a flight, and if you land at the right time, you can finish up your sleep at your hotel and start your business trip or vacation on the right foot instead of landing jet-lagged. Another option is to add a stopover; compared to a layover, a stopover allows you and your family to stay the night in a major city and continue the trip the next day. This can break up long flights and allow you the opportunity to see and explore a new city for a brief but meaningful time. 

Avoid Checking Baggage If Possible

If you are just flying somewhere for a quick weekend or getaway, it can be great to travel without a checked bag. Baggage costs more and adds steps to your travel day. Not only will you have to check it, adding one more thing to the list before you can get to your gate, but you also have to wait for it at baggage claim. And, of course, there is the dreaded reality of your bag not being there. Traveling without checked bags allows you much more freedom and let’s you streamline getting through the airport on both ends of the trip. 

Get An Airport Shuttle Service 

Working with a shuttle service is one of the best ways to avoid being late and to get to and from an airport. Most airports aren’t in the dead center of the city. Many airports are in the outskirts. A shuttle can help you get to and from the airport quickly. Even if you live near the airport, using a shuttle is a great way to prevent needing to find parking, pay for airport parking, etc. A shuttle gets you there on time and can also help you get to and from your hotel. 

Airport Shuttle with C&L Air Limo!

If you are flying in or out of Logan or Manchester airports, you should consider using a shuttle service. C&L Air Limo can help make sure you get to or from your hotel without a hassle and help you stay on schedule for your flight. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form for more information.