Airport transfers can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area or are running late for your flight. However, with a bit of planning and organization, you can ensure that your airport transfer goes smoothly. Here are five tips to help you have a successful airport transfer:

  • Book in advance

One of the best ways to ensure a smooth airport transfer is to book your transportation in advance. This allows you to compare prices, find the best deal, and avoid any last-minute stress or scrambling to find a ride. If you’re planning on taking a taxi or rideshare service, make sure to book your ride at least a few hours before your flight. If you prefer a more luxurious option, consider booking a private car or limousine service.

  • Allow for extra time

No matter how well you plan, unexpected delays can always occur. To avoid missing your flight, it’s important to allow for extra time when planning your airport transfer. Consider the distance to the airport, traffic conditions, and any potential delays that may occur. If you’re driving yourself, make sure to leave enough time to find a parking spot and check in.

  • Pack light

Overpacking can make your airport transfer more stressful, especially if you’re trying to navigate through a crowded airport with heavy luggage. To make your transfer easier, try to pack light and only bring the essentials. This will also save you money on excess baggage fees. If you do need to bring a lot of luggage, consider using a luggage delivery service to have your bags transferred directly to your destination.

  • Know your terminal and gate

Before heading to the airport, make sure you know which terminal and gate you must go to. This information is usually included in your flight itinerary or on the airport’s website. Arriving at the wrong terminal can add extra time and stress to your transfer, so it’s important to double-check this information.

  • Consider using a transfer service

If you want to avoid the stress of navigating through an unfamiliar airport, consider using a transfer service. These companies specialize in providing airport transfers and can take care of all the details for you. They can pick you up at your home or hotel, assist with luggage, and drop you off at your terminal. This can be especially useful for traveling with children or mobility issues.


In conclusion, a successful airport transfer requires a bit of planning and organization. By booking in advance, allowing for extra time, packing light, knowing your terminal and gate, and considering a transfer service, you can make your airport transfer a breeze. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to contact our fantastic drivers at C&L Air Limo for a stress-free and successful airport transfer. Be sure to give us a call today or fill out our online contact form to book your shuttle today!