Flying solo for the first time is stressful at best. Not having someone to share the stress of preparation and navigating the airport is hard! It shouldn’t be a bad experience, though. Use these tips to make your first solo flight so good you’ll be excited to book another!

Preparation is Key

Preparing before going to the airport is the best way to keep things going according to plan. Prepare by saving a mobile version of your flight information and printing a hard copy just in case. Prepare your ID, passport if needed, and any other important documents.

Review TSA guidelines to ensure everything you pack will make it through security with no issues. You can also prepare financially by setting aside extra money for airport expenses like snacks during a layover. If you don’t travel often, contact your bank or credit card carrier to avoid a flagged transaction that locks your card.

Arrive Early

The airport isn’t a place where things happen quickly. Flight changes, TSA lines, and bag checking can take longer than expected. Put your mind at ease by arriving early enough to navigate anything that comes your way.

Arrive at least 1 hour early for a domestic flight and at least 2.5 hours early for an international flight. If you’re nervous, the earlier, the better! You’ll have time to find your gate and relax before boarding for a positive flying experience. 

Dress for Comfort

Don’t dress to impress; dress for comfort. The last thing you want is to be feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable in the airport or on your flight. Keep security in mind too. TSA requires you to take off your shoes, so wearing something that takes forever to get on and off isn’t wise.

Stick with clothes you know you feel good in and save everything else for after you’ve landed. Layers are great too! Take a layer off if the airport is hot, or put one on if you’re feeling unexpectedly chilly at your gate.

Bring a Distraction

The worst thing you can do when you’re nervous is just think about how nervous you are. To avoid this, bring a distraction to the airport. This could be a book, headphones, or a new movie downloaded on your phone. Find something you can focus on to help pass the time in the airport and distract you during the flight. Flying solo is unique because you don’t have a travel buddy to talk to, so you’ll need more distractions than you think!

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