Taking a 5-hour or longer plane flight is equivalent to losing a whole day of your valuable time, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. This is why most people who travel from coast to coast will choose to save daylight and take a red-eye trip. However, there is so little comfort on a commuter jet that losing sleep and getting stressed seems inevitable. The best ways to get sleep on a red-eye trip involve changing or moving your seat for a more comfortable position. Booking the best possible seat on your aircraft is essential. Finally, what you wear and what you bring can give you a little extra help getting to sleep and staying relaxed during your red-eye flight. Check out our list of some of the best techniques to get some much-needed rest on a red-eye flight.

What Are The Best Tips For Getting Sleep On A Red-Eye Flight?

The following list of tips will help you to get that golden sleep on a red-eye flight. Keep in mind that none of these things alone guarantee that you will get the rest you need, but using most or all of these tips can help give you enough of a nudge towards shut-eye that you may need to get relaxed and to sleep.

Dress Comfortably

Many people who travel for work like to fly in a full suit. This power move doesn’t do it for those looking to arrive at their destination rested and recharged. Instead, get onto the plane with loose, comfortable pants and a shirt or sweatshirt. Also, although most prefer sandals to get through security quickly, bringing a warm pair of socks is crucial for helping with a comfortable sleep on the flight.

Blanket And Neck Pillow

Even though flights usually have blankets on trips, they are most likely going to be scarce. Some planes may only have one warm covering per row! It is a great idea to bring a comfortable blanket to snuggle in your seat. Also, a neck pillow will help keep your head positioned in a good position for sleeping. Neck pillows are also compact and much more comfortable to store in your carry-on bag than other full-sized pillows.

Drowsy Drink

Taking a sip of something that will help relax, you may be what you need to put you over the edge into blissful sleep. Over the counter medicine like ZZZQuil or others are useful because they can give you a tired feeling that promotes sleep without leaving you groggy when you wake up. A milder sedative is some kind of tea, like Sleepy Time Chamomile. A more reliable alternative might be a doctor prescribed medication, like Ambien. You should determine ahead of time what your best option is for promoting sleep.

Get The Best Seat For Sleep

Even if you prefer the aisle, it is wise to choose the window seat. That way, you will not be woken up if your seatmate has to use the bathroom in the middle of the flight. Also, keep checking online seating so that if there are rows with no one in them, you can change your seat and stretch out more during the flight! Sleeping on a red-eye flight is never easy. These are difficult nights that everyone dreads. However, they are typically a better choice than losing a day in the air. They can also be cheaper than day flights. Take this advice to relax on your red-eye and find that elusive sleep that will be making others on the plane jealous!

Plan Your Trip in Advance

The truth is, if you’re stressed about the details of your trip, you won’t sleep well. Make sure your plans for getting to and from the airports are in place ahead of time, and that your hotel & other trip details are booked in advance. For reliable shuttle service to and from Boston airports, contact C & L Air Limo today!