The holidays might be dubbed “the most wonderful time of the year,” but they are often the most stressful and expensive time too! If you have traveled during the holiday season, you know how expensive trips can be, how chaotic airports are, and how weather can so easily affect your family plans. Here’s why you will want to book a trip now that the hustle & bustle is over.

Cheaper Prices on Flights

Flights are at their peak prices over the holidays due to high demand. This means you will pay top dollar to go somewhere that you could spend way less money traveling to just a few weeks later. Most people are done with travel for a bit after the holidays, so flight prices plummet. Mid-January – February is the time to travel! This time of year also takes the stress out of flying – If your flight is delayed on Christmas Eve, this might spell disaster for your entire trip, while a delayed flight on a regular travel day is merely an inconvenience instead of an end-all, be-all.

Better Accommodations Available

Hotels, rentals, and AirBnBs are often booked solid months ahead before the holidays even arrive. It is also harder to find a rental car & even restaurant reservations during this time. If you are looking to relax in your winter travels, it is best to travel after the rush. Like with flights, you will likely pay less for the same accommodations, and be able to enjoy them more!

Less Stress During Your Trip

Traveling over the holidays is simply a less stressful trip than trying to make it somewhere on big holiday travel dates. If you choose to take a leisure trip after the holidays, you have the luxury of planning your own agenda instead of coordinating with the distant family like you must for the holidays. At many jobs, it is also easier to take time off after the holidays. Places tend to be short-staffed and higher stress around the holidays when everyone is trying to take the same days off at once. You will likely be the only one requesting days in January or February!

If you have gone ahead and booked your post-holiday getaway, your last step is making sure you can get to the airport stress-free. For experienced professionals in the airport shuttle service, book your ride with C & L Air Limo today!